Iron transfer tutorial

How to Make and Use Iron on Transfers
Applying an iron-on transfer to a t-shirt or baby cloth is a great way to personalize it with your own unique style. You can create just every style your like: vintage, modern or funny. 
What do you need:

  • T shirt or any other piece you are going to apply Iron design to. 
  • T shirt transfer paper for Inkjet printers. You have to check if your inkjet printer is abbe to print on that kind of paper. Where to buy transfer paper? Try on amazon. I do not really know many places outside Europe to get this. I am buying on eBay. Please check if the paper you buy is for  White or Light Color T-Shirts. If you got black or dark color t shirt you have to find transfer paper for dark colors.Clothes iron with heat settings and optional steam feature and pair of scissors  to cut around design if needed. 
  • Digital designs you are going to transfer on your cloths. 

First step is to print the picture/artwork onto transfer paper. 

Make sure you reverse the transfer on the computer before ironing it on! Be careful! Some printers do not require this step. They reverse the picture automatically after choosing  transfer paper as sort of paper. Please see printer manual. Please be sure your printer  can print on transfer paper. Make printer setting according your printers manual. Remember that WHITE does not print. The fabric will show through any parts of the design that are white. 

If you are sure your settings are just perfect click on PRINT and watch the result. I advice to make  a preview copy of your image before printing it on the (often expensive) transfer paper. Do this to insure that colors print correctly, that your image doesn't fall into your printer's no-print zone along the margins, and to see what size your design will be (sometimes the on-screen view can be deceiving). If you are happy with the results print your design on transfer paper now. Take the paper and cut around the design. 

Transfer paper is transparent where not printed but it still visible after ironing on cloth. Now place the transfer onto the shirt in the location you want the design. And place a towel on the top of the paper. Check if your transfer paper required this . I did not have to.

Place the hot iron onto the towel and work in a circular motion from the middle of the transfer to the edges. Every producer of transfer paper got his own instructions about time you should be ironing included. When your are ready with ironing remove towel from the transfer and wait till the paper is cool completely.After this time remove paper carefully. You personalize t-shirt is ready.

Let see all steps ones again:

Tip: If you want to refresh your transfer after washing, iron it using parchment backing paper. Just lay it on the transfer and iron this. I am ironing every t shirt with transfer image using baking paper. It save the iron :) and make the image looks better. You can wash your t-shirt or other stuff with iron images in 40 Celsius only to avoid losing colors.